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Folllowing are general queries which will assist you in selecting the best suited rubber stamp for your needs!
If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Do you make stamps for Coffee Cups?

Yes! The PSI Slim Stamps are perfect for rolling on to a cup. For photos and more information please see our Coffee Cup page.

There are two rectangular and a square size to choose from and logos or text can easily be incorporated on the stamp. To see our Slim Stamps go to our PSI shop page. As PSI stamps use an oil based ink we recommend getting a 15ml. bottle of ink with your order for whenever you may need it - as you may be stamping a lot of cups! We have a customer who said they stamped over 20,000 cups before their stamp required re-inking. This was fine line art - but still that is a lot of stamps!!

Q. How many impressions will I get on my Coffee cups?

The PSI Slim Stamps will give thousands of impressions but the amount all depends on the artwork. Solid block artwork uses a lot of ink whereas line art doesn't use much. 92 Degree Espresso use a PSI-SS2773 for their cups and emailed us asking for a different stamp and some ink for their existing stamp, saying "I will also need a re-inking bottle as the stamp for 92 Degree is getting a little low (it's stamped over 20k cups)".

Twenty thousand impressions from a stamp is not too bad!!

Q. I need a large logo stamp for my coffee bags and shopping bags!

Speedy Stamps can help! We can make extra large pre-inked stamps to help you promote your business!

Q. Can you help me with setting out my stamp?

Yes! We offer free assistance with artwork and will forward a PDF proof sheet for approval prior to manufacture. No matter what you may require on your stamp, we should be able to help!

Q. What is the difference between an istamp and a PSI stamp?

Both istamp and PSI stamps are premium quality pre-inked rubber stamps. Both brands give a high quality impression, last for thousands of imprints and can easily be re-inked for thousands more. We stock both brands simply to give you a greater variety of sizes and shapes and we fully guarantee every stamp we make! Traditional hand stamps are from the 19th. century, Self-inking stamps are from the mid 20th century and Pre-inked stamps are this centuries stamping technology - that is why we recommend them!

How many impressions will I get from my pre-inked rubber stamp?

It all depends on how much coverage is on the stamp. Text only will last a long time, but a solid colour logo will use much more ink. PSI and istamps may give up to 10,000+ impressions before requiring re-inking. We have supplied an Australia wide transport company with a quantity of is-30 quality control stamps, and some are stamped over 1,000 times per week. They only required re-inking nearly five months later - some were used over 20,000 times! We have been using the stamp shown below to stamp each and every invoice we keep for our records - and we have not re-inked it yet. As an estimate we have used it over 6,000 times.

Q. How do you re-ink a PSI stamp?

Re-inking a PSI stamp is as easy as sliding the text plate holder out of the handle mount then placing a small amount of ink in each slot - you do not need to disassemble the holder. Re-insert the holder in to the mount and leave for at least one hour for the ink to soak through. Note: Do not over ink! Adding too much ink may lead to overflow. It is very important to only use oil based PSI-ink as water based stamp pad ink will flood the text plate and ruin the stamp.

Q. How do you re-ink an istamp pre-inked stamp?

To re-ink an istamp, remove the top handle from the mount to reveal the re-inking tubes. Depending on the size of the stamp place a few drops of istamp ink down each tube and replace the handle then leave the stamp for at least one hour for the ink to soak through. For a small round stamp add up to five drops to the tube. For a mid sized rectangular stamp add up to 15 drops in each tube and for a large rectangular stamp add up to 25 drops in each tube. Note: Do not over ink! Adding too much ink may lead to overflow. You can always add extra ink later so do not over ink. It is very important to only use oil based istamp-ink as water based stamp pad ink will flood the text plate and ruin the stamp.

Q. What if I re-ink my stamp with water based stamp pad ink?

Using water based ink in a pre-inked stamp is like putting petrol in a diesel car. The ink will flood out making quite a mess and ruin the text plate (as shown in the photo below). The stamp will not be able to be fixed and it is best to put it in the bin and get a whole new stamp..

Q. Do you make pass out stamps?

Yes, the istamp is-30, is-34 and is-49 are well suited for use as a pass out stamp. istamps use non toxic oil based ink and are suitable for pass-out stamping as the ink does not affect skin. As hands, wrists, etc. are curved and not flat you have to gently roll the stamp on to the persons wrist - not press the stamp down hard. If after stamping a number of people the impression starts to get patchy the text plate may have picked up sweat, oil, sunscreen, dirt, etc. off the persons skin so simply wipe the text plate with a tissue to remove the blockage and it will be fine for continual use.

Q. Do you make different types of Justice of the Peace stamps?

Yes! With JP and Certification stamps, please let us know the exact wording and approximate size you require and we will forward a proof sheet and quote.

Q. Do you make different types of medical stamps?

Yes - we can make up whatever you may require! Please just email us exactly what you need and we will make up a proof sheet for you.

Q. Do Speedy Stamps make QR Code and Barcode stamps?

Yes - our high resolution PSI-4141 pre-inked stamp is perfect for QR Codes and the PSI-1444 is great for Barcodes! Either email us your code or the link required for the code and we will make a stamp proof sheet for you.

Q. How quickly will my stamp be delivered?

Delivery timeframes depend on your location. We are based in Geelong West, Victoria and delivery to capital cities (other than Perth and Darwin) may be two to five working days. Australia Post deliveries to Perth and Darwin can be up to seven to ten days. We do our best to get your stamp to you ASAP, but once it leaves our office it is in the hands of Aust. Post!

Q. Do you make foreign language stamps?

Yes, but only if a certified and signed translation of the wording is supplied with the order. We have had a number of requests for illegal stamps in foreign languages (which we have not made) and will only make a stamp in a foreign language with a legally certified translation. Note: Due to high freight costs and slow delivery times we do not ship to overseas addresses.

Q. Do you support charities?

Yes - if you are a charity let us know and we will help with pricing. Speedy Stamps is an active supporter of World Vision, and currently sponsor a number of children in Asia (Cambodia & Laos). World Vision works around the world (including Australia) to transform the lives of disadvantaged and at risk children and communities. Sponsorship can make a huge difference to the life of a child - to find out more please visit World Vision at