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Coffee Cup Stamps

Speedy Stamps are the Coffee Cup Stamp experts!

Our PSI Slim Stamps are perfect for rolling on to coffee cups. There are two rectangular and a square size to choose from and logos and text can easily be incorporated on the stamp impression. The PSI Slim Stamps will give thousands of impressions and can easily be re-inked for thousands more. The amount of impressions you get depends on the artwork. Solid block artwork uses a lot of ink whereas line art doesn't use much. 92 Degree Espresso use a PSI-SS2773 for their cups and emailed us asking for a different stamp and some ink for their existing stamp, saying "I will also need a re-inking bottle as the stamp for 92 Degree is getting a little low (it's stamped over 20k cups)". This was fine line art - but still that is a lot of stamps!! As PSI stamps use an oil based ink we recommend getting a 15ml. bottle of ink with your order for whenever you may need it - as you may be stamping thousands of cups!